Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today Alison started with a TV interview with Miss America. (The link is posted on my FB page (Mary Williams Johnson). I will try to get it posted here when I get home and get my sister-in-law's help!)

Alison did great on her interview! She has never talked about her accident to people before, so this was a big step for her...

Then we went to the White House this afternoon. Yes - we met the President!! He was very good with the kids. While we were waiting, David Archuleta and Miss America entertained the kids (and the families) with a few songs. Incredible....

Then the President came out. How many people get to be that close to the President and shake hands and such? I took a ton of pictures and will post some when I get home!

After that, we went to the Nationals game. David sang the National Anthem, and the Champion from Idaho threw the first pitch. They both did awesome! Probably the most interesting part of the game was watching the reaction of all the young girls around when they realized that David was sitting with our group! Alison got his autograph and he patted Elizabeth on the shoulder and said goodbye as he was leaving. How cool is that!!!!! We took pictures with him at the White House earlier today. He really seemed like a nice young man!

Well, have to finish packing. I'll post lots more details and photos when I get home. It's so hard to believe that this trip is over. We have had such a wonderful time. We did so many things that most people never get the chance to do. We feel very lucky and blest! More details to follow. Hope our journey home tomorrow is uneventful....

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