Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I forgot one thing from the airport - there was a huge banner hanging as we walked through the airport, signed by tons of people - I'm guessing CMN and WalMart folks welcoming the Champion families. There were pictures of 4 kids on it - and Alison is one of the kids!!! The same banner, without the autographs, is hanging in the motel. I'll post a picture of that later today.

The hotel is beautiful! Once again, full of WalMart and CMN folks helping all the time. These people are so awesome!

We got settled and then had the concierge help us arrange a private night time tour of the sites. We found the most awesome guide. He had been an american history teacher, and then a lobbyist, so he knew so much! Definitely worth the effort and expense. Too late a night for the kids, but they're young - they'll bounce back!! More about Monday soon...

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